Multidisciplinary revenue architect advisory service

Adaptiive Growth Solutions is a specialist revenue architect advisory service provider focused on delivering service-led revenue transformations for consumer durable goods and light-industrial manufacturer businesses. Our service-led omnichannel revenue operations for manufacturers solution fits within a flexible solution framework guaranteed to produce the best possible results relevant to your unique business environment.

We are of the view that to achieve the sustained organic growth that investors expect, your business needs to digitally transform its service models and seize the massive market opportunity presented by a “disruption-ready” industry with a serious service deficit. Adaptiive has the multidisciplinary skills and experience needed to help guide your brand to rapid organic growth through service differentiation.

While winning over the minds, hearts, and wallets of customers in the many small moments that matter is challenging, Adaptiive has cracked the code with CanopiesDirect and can help your business figure out how to do it too. However, experience showed us that the real work needed is to establish a service-led, customer-first mindset in the whole business, which is integrated across the entire retail distribution environment. While failing to cross this bridge with Beekman, Adaptiive never stopped analyzing, researching, and learning from our experience so we can help your business achieve a successful revenue transformation. 


Open to discuss what works best for your business

Our engagement could range from advisory on change, strategy, tactics, and revenue operations; to more hands-on consulting around a business case; or even delivery activities linked to program management, solution architecture, and design. While an executive advisory role working closely with the business outcome owner and the IT and business delivery teams is our ideal engagement, we remain flexible and open to discuss what will work best for your organization.

In the end, Adaptiive wants each customer partner to be wildly successful working with us. Because we are in the business of creating competitive advantage and revenue growth, we offer a unique market- and sector-specific exclusivity where we won’t work with competitors. Therefore, the selection of industry partners is an essential part of our engagement process. We will handle mutual confidentiality requirements with an MOU as the relationship with a potential partner develops.

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We are fully committed and focused on helping your business succeed in transforming it's customer-facing, revenue-generating functions to achieve rapid and sustained organic growth in market share, revenue, and earnings

Jaap Venter - Observer, analyst, innovator, advisor

Jaap is at a pivotal point in his career, feeling inspired to contribute the combined value of his industry experience and multidisciplinary research to work with a few manufacturer brands to achieve extraordinary growth results.

Jaap’s special interests include consumer psychology, behavioral economics, competitive intelligence, digital business transformation, blue ocean strategy value innovation, personal growth, red wine, and duplicate bridge. He holds a B. Eng. degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

His early work experiences include enterprise solutions design and service-led business transformation gained over a 15 year period working for consulting firms in SA and the UK. Since 2010, he has founded two revolutionary businesses with touchpoints to the industry. The first was an online marketing platform (SaaS, or software-as-a-service), while the second was a direct-to-consumer online sales business (operated as an outsourced service provider).


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